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Sales Lead Generation

Sales Lead Generation

We Integrate Technology & Outbound Marketing Strategies to Generate Leads for B2B or B2C Company

Our lead generation experts combine their knowledge of internet marketing and basic web development to help you generate fresh, unique sales leads. Lead generations is all about identifying and developing new business opportunities from multiple sources like inbound marketing leads, and individual research for companies hiring our services.

Our lead generation process for organizations involves an in-depth study of similar products in that category, customer behavior, competition, etc. We resort to telephone, mass communication emails, and social media updates etc. to identify new pockets of opportunities.

During the above, our teams may also decide to sit down with your marketing team to understand your business, what you consider as sales-ready leads or an ideal prospect; understand factors that trigger buying behavior, identify common hurdles that potent buyer faces while on your site or blog. This study gives us a pinpoint view of your target & convertible leads.

We have offered our sales lead generation services to small startup environments and mid-size enterprises, focused on Digital Strategy.

  • Develop new business via telephone, mass mailers, and social media
  • Identify potential buyers by studying the target market
  • Follow up on leads to identify potential prospects
  • Study buyer’s behavior and triggers to set a tone for communication
  • Identify significant buying influencers in prospects
  • Study aspects like budget and timeline
  • Build and cultivate prospect relationships through communications
  • Carry out follow-up communication to create opportunities
  • Manage data for new and prospective clients
  • Keep a record of all communications, client profiles etc.
  • Prepare and analyze reports and present to authorities